UK patent granted for invention to transform flood defence

Two UK-based engineering inventors, Mr. Eamonn Lee-Barrett and Dr. Chris Lee, announced today the granting of a UK patent for an innovative and versatile flood protection system. (UK patent GB2506812 (A).  The system has been accepted for review by the European and US patent offices (European Patent Application 14162482, US Patent Application P6755.US). 

"This invention has the capability to change the thinking around flooding. Simple to manufacture, install and use, the Oasis™Flood Protection System has immense potential to reduce the damage and harm for millions of people worldwide." Eamonn Lee-Barrett (co-inventor). 

The OASIS™FLOOD PROTECTION SYSTEM (Oasis™FPS) is the brainchild of two British engineering inventors, Mr Eamonn Lee-Barrett and Dr Chris Lee. An inflatable Kevlar® reinforced barrier is fixed in the ground by anchor units to form a self-supporting dam which not only will keep flood water from a protected area, but which can also resist major impact from flood debris. No expertise, specialist tools or materials are needed for installation or for use of the system during flooding. 

The innovative invention is designed to provide effective, wide-ranging and affordable flood protection to individual houses as well large areas of land in infrastructure protection. The Oasis™FPS can be set up in minutes at the press of a button in an emergency, or as a planned flood risk protection strategy. The system is unobtrusive when not in use, yet is permanently ready, 24/7, 365 days a year, to protect against the devastation that can comes with flooding. 

The inventors have developed the system to be versatile enough for use in a wide range of flood protection needs; guarding homes, businesses, municipal and historic building and farms to infrastructure, such as roads, railway lines, water treatment plants and electrical substations. 

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