UK people who genuinely enjoy your job/don’t mind it, what do you do?

I’m a finance risk analyst in a global finance company, started in Jan 2022 and I actually love my job.

Since the pandemic I’ve been working from home but when things return to normal I will need to in the office only 2 days a week. I basically make my own hours, as long as the job gets done and I’m available during working hours. I sometimes work till late /weekends because I like the job and rather get a lot done when I’m motivated.

I landed the job out of chance, I was doing a PhD prior to that and applied not expecting much but ended up passing the hiring process, I like how I can apply things I learned during my education to real scenarios. A big part of my job is knowing whats’s going on in the economy so I read a lot and take time to learn new things, to me it’s basically doing a “work experience” PhD. Pay is very good for my age and with good opportunities for progression, so I can’t complain.

Working in finance is not for everyone, some people will feel the stress and the pressure but I’d argue if you are genuinely interested/willing to never stop learning the job is great.

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