UK votes to leave EU megathread

Everything is a bit up in the air right now so no one really knows. For one thing, the referendum is basically just a fancy opinions poll. It's a very official way of gaining public opinion, but no one ACTUALLY has to legally act on it. Our government banked on us voting to remain, no one realised how strong the leave campaign was, and now everyone is panicking. They could (although it's sort of immoral) just back down now and say "well thanks for your opinion, but, no". The only thing is now the UK made this decision we're actually under a lot of EU pressure to hurry up with it and leave already, so no one knows what's happening. Boris Johnson, one of the big figureheads for the leave campaign, has even said himself "Well there's no rush to really activate article 50. We can wait a while" so it shows even HE doesn't know what to do at the minute. Nothings even happening until October anyway because Cameron quit - and no one can invoke article 50 until they've been elected. There's no definitive answers on what could happen right now because everyone in power is quitting/scrambling around and the whole of the UK is in some weird limbo.

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