UKPersonalFinance what do you do for a career and would you recommend it?

Airline pilot here. I expect to get downvoted as I always do for some reason.

I work around 14 hours a week for £90k a year and 21% pension contribution. It’s the best job in the world. A lot of money for doing almost no work. And when I do work I end up in an exotic country on expenses hanging out with cute flight attendants. I’m ‘just’ a copilot, once I make captain I can expect £180k per year, eventually.

My number one advice to anybody considering this job would be to just get on with it and do it. A lot of people waste valuable time trying to select a flight school or figure out the right path to pilot training. But as long as you pick a half decent flight school and you have the right drive you’ll be just fine.

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