Ukraine crisis: Russia blocks UN attempt to condemn rebel rocket attack

Is it ridiculous if that would give Russia and the separatists a rallying cry against a government that supposedly targets civilians?

Eh they had been saying that Ukraine shells indiscriminately since start of the conflict.

The government that they're currently fighting against? Btw, it is a real tactic called a "false-flag attack," although I'm not saying they did or didnt do that, just that it's possible based on their only evidence

Its tactics according to people who fail to realize that Ukraine is using these weapons against separatist. Claiming that these rockets were placed by Russians insults everyone's intelligence.

That's kind of my point. Those two witnesses were the one's that others were able to prove they were lying.

You understand that this kind of stuff happens daily in eastern Ukraine? They dont have to find anyone who lies, they speak the truth.

All of the blatant lies makes it hard to believe anything they say in Russia, and in the Russian-backed separatist territory.

Here is the victim accounts, i bet they all are lying.

Human Rights Watch interviewed nine patients in Luhansk City Hospital 3 and three patients in a hospital in Shchastya, a village north of Luhansk to which many Luhansk residents have fled that is under government forces’ control. All the patients showed Human Rights Watch injuries consistent with their accounts. Although the injured described attacks that appear to have been indiscriminate, Human Rights Watch is not in a position to conclusively determine the legality of the attacks that led to their injuries or who was responsible. The text below includes information in some cases that may point to which party was responsible.

Tamara, 67, said that a shell hit her house in Mikolayivka, a village east of Luhansk city, on August 14, killing her son and husband, burning her house to the ground, and seriously injuring her back and hip. She said:

My husband is dead, my son is dead, and I can’t even bury them because I am here. Everything was taken in one moment. My house is destroyed. I have no money. I might as well jump from the window. I have nothing left.

There’s no mobile signal I can’t even call my sister. She doesn’t even know what has happened to my family.

When the shells fall at night my wounds start to bleed again because of the stress. It’s so loud. It never stops. I am afraid to go outside. I am afraid to be here.

Yuriy, 53, a warehouse worker, told Human Rights Watch that he was injured when a shell hit his courtyard in the village of Rozkishne on August 14. At least three people were killed in the attack, including a 28-year-old man:

The mortar landed in the yard and shattered the glass in the windows. A young boy sat next to me. Shrapnel went straight into his heart and he was killed instantly. It happened so quickly, the explosions were close and then everything finished. My neighbor had an injury in the stomach. We don’t know who is firing. We are just sitting here, listening.

Vyacheslav, 74, told Human Rights Watch that he was injured when a shell struck the courtyard of a church in Yubileinoye, a village west of Luhansk:

I went to stand in the line for water. I sat down in the shade, and then suddenly the shelling started. The village had been shelled heavily for one and a half weeks. They had hit several houses but we hoped that they wouldn’t hit the churchyard. The priest said they wouldn’t hit the church.

Vyacheslav said that neighbors had to transport him out of the village first because the ambulance does not come to the village anymore because of the shelling.

Olexander, 50, told Human Rights Watch that he was injured when shells struck the Lenin district in Luhansk between 8 and 9 a.m. on August 14:

I had just left the house to get some bread when the shelling started. Women on the street fell to the ground, praying. One person was killed. Another person, he was around 80 years old, was taken to the hospital for shrapnel injuries.

Anna Dmitrievna, 82, told Human Rights Watch that she was injured when shells struck her neighborhood in Rozkishne on August 4. She said:

When the shelling started I wanted to hide in the basement, but before I could get there a shell exploded close by and I was wounded in my right shoulder. Neighbors took me to the basement where I spent all night, my wound bleeding, until it was safe enough to go to the hospital the next day. My right hand is still not working properly, I can’t even lift a cup with it. I don’t know how I will manage.

Oleksiy, 70, told Human Rights Watch that he was injured when shells struck the Southern sub-district of Luhansk on August 2. He said:

I first heard a whistling sound, then an explosion. One shell hit the playground, the next hit close to me. There was no time to hide or seek shelter.

Iryna, 57, told Human Rights Watch that she was injured when rockets struck Stukalova Balka, a village a couple of kilometers north of Luhansk, around 8 p.m. on August 1. At the time, the village was controlled by the Ukrainian National Guard, which manned a checkpoint about 800 meters from Iryna’s house. Iryna was walking home with her mother-in-law and another elderly woman when the attack happened:

It happened so fast. We had no chance to flee. I heard at least three explosions. I pushed the two elderly women to the ground, but we were all injured.

Iryna, who used to work as a nurse in Luhansk, lost her foot from shrapnel injuries. Her mother-in-law lost her leg. The third woman suffered shrapnel injuries to her left arm.

Iryna’s sister told Human Rights Watch that at least one house caught fire in the attack. The sister said that the fire marks on the house showed that the rockets had struck the southern side of the house, an indication that the rockets came from insurgent-controlled area to the south.

Yana, 39, told Human Rights Watch that she was injured when a shell struck her house in Krasnyi Yar (Chervonyi Yar), a village northeast of Luhansk, on August 10:

I was in my bedroom when I suddenly heard two whistling sounds. There was no time to hide. I managed to crawl out of the window and then I started screaming.

Yana lost her left eye and hearing on her right side from the shelling.

Human Rights Watch also interviewed a 50-year-old welder who was injured in the same attack. He said:

First the insurgents were in control, then the Ukrainian army attacked. Both sides were firing at each other and it was not possible to determine whose rockets were falling on us. But then the [pro-Kiev] Aydar battalion came and set up a checkpoint, and the attacks all started again. I was in the courtyard when something exploded. Now I can’t feel my legs.

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