Ukraine's envoy: We could recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital in coming months hinging on expanded defense ties

No one in the israeli political and security echelons has any delusions that Russia will play much of any positive roll in constraining Iran's nuclear program. Russia sold them advanced SAM systems and helped them establish a modern spy satellite, both of which make a potential military option for Israel harder. What is true is that Israel and Russia have worked out a modus vivendi regarding Syria where Israel regarded Assad as better-the-devil-you-know over any possible jihadist victory there such as Hizbut Tahrir or ISIS, and Russia wants to out muscle Iran over influence over Assad, and so Russia has agreed to oppose a permanent iranian presence within 50 km of the israeli-syrian border, and ignores israeli military strikes on the IRGC and iranian proxies, and keeps an open deconfliction channel open with Israel. This modus vivendi matters a great deal for israeli security, and so yes, Israel will not do anything that might complicate or endanger it.

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