ULPT: If you are tall and white and dress nice you can only pay for half of your items at the Self Checkout.

"He's saying this would never work if you're black" hmmm that sounds...kinda...like...white privilege doesn't it? Lol. And I'm the one that missed the point, more like people are tight that they can't comfortably laugh at these clowns racist jokes. And a white knight? Lmao Did you come up with that yourself? Holy cow you got me fucked up with that one. No, I'm clearly not white, you'd know if you actually read the beginning of the thread. But all shit aside from one brother to another, read between the lines. Just cause it's a joke doesn't mean it can't be taken seriously and dissected which is what has to be done. It's called stopping these racist folk from getting too comfortable. Had he/she left out the "white" and made it actually funny i'd be chilling right now maybe even "lmao"ing.

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