ULPT: Most commercial washers and dryers all use the same speed queen key you can buy on amazon or ebay for 3$ if you live in apartments putting the key in activates the menu to change the prices. You can change your price from 1.50 to 25¢ you will be a bro and save money.

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Ironically I was homeless for a year and now live in a bungalow at 23 because I'm not a fucking moron and make smart choices. From the content of your comment I'm just gonna assume you've never been homeless a day in your life. In England when you move into a new house or residence you get everything paid for. Washing machine, bed, fridgefreezer, oven, mattress... Not having one is a choice. If you see someone on the street, it's a choice. If you see someone living in squalor, it's a choice. No sofa, bed or oven? They're drug addicts and sold them.

Give your head a shake and sort yout life out, stupid cunts.

Who would have thought that even me, a non-working ex-homeless person who moved into a residence a couple of months ago ago from the streets would have an xbox one, a fucking gorgeous residence and everything I could ever want within a week of moving in? So don't pull that shit, it doesn't work... In my country things like this are a choice, so get fucked lol. Downvote all you want, you can keep living in your bubble. Also idgaf where you're from, it's all the same to me.

Imagine being such a destitute drug-addict you think that having a washing machine is a luxury. Fucking inbreds

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