ULPT REQUEST: How to put the absolute maximum pressure on my school to let me off the hook??

what can I do to pressure the school into dropping it??

Other than acting like a little bitch nothing. I honestly hope you get the local news involved because that by itself would fuck you over so much more than it would even remotely effect the school. Reviews can be also easily removed and if its a prestigious school / school with money they will go after you for false reviews 100%.

I didnt know there was a rule.

There was a rule, you weren't paying attention, you broke it and received additional punishment - you can make "your little threats" all you want but it will only hurt you in the future when it comes to getting references etc. Not only it will effect your relationship with this teacher - but it will also effect the relationship with your other teachers because just like with students, gossip spreads and soon you would become one of the most disliked students along your teachers.

Also getting the superintendent/board involved will achieve nothing - what would you even say? "I received detention and I don't want it!" They'll would immediately dismiss it.

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