Ultimate EtherRank 2022

I think so many of these ranks seem so out of wack because whole year ranking periods don't really make any sense anymore. And that's no shade on OP this is a great post, it's just something I've been observing with rankings in general.

Like, someone can do super well in the beginning of the year, then get mediocre results for the later half, and still get ranked incredibly highly even though that rank for the year not only doesn't tell you how good that player is right now, but can be misleading you on how good that player is.

Basically, whole year ranking periods don't represent anything important. They don't tell you who's good right now, they won't help you seed tournaments, they won't tell you who was good in a particular month of the year they were ranked, etc. It's just some arbitary "this is who technically had the best 2022 based on what tournaments had the statistically hardest attendance lists" list. Which I guess if that's what you want then awesome, but it seems apparent that more and more people don't care about that and want rankings that favor more modern results more then anything, because at least those can be fairly representative of who's good right now and who could win the next tournaments.

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