Umm no. I'll be getting ready for work too.

Are you aware of the very basic fact that echo chambers are not actually valid tools for the analysis of media content? People are generally unwilling to post something that will not be received well - which is the biggest problem with vote-based social media, documented numerous times in formal studies - but this in no way makes their interpretation any less valid.

Indeed; and just because you go against the grain, have no womens perspective, and judge women for not being domesticated, doesn't mean you're right. You post in AA and TrollY; echo chambers are very familar to you.

"My social conservatism"? Again, you are ascribing A LOT to me - some demands I apparently made, telling me what rights I do and do not have (even after I explicitly told you that I never give this sort of advice, and don't plan on starting any time soon)... Do you not see how abysmally illogical you are being in your projections? Do you? You told me I'm being judgemenral against domestic house wives because I object to being told that that's a relationship goal I and everyone else should aspire to and want; it's quite like being gay and told that "acting straight" is a life goal for everyone who is gay. In light of history, it's especially demeaning.

First - I did hypothesize the intent (to be supportive to a very specific, and probably pretty small, audience), yes - but let's be clear, that so did you. In fact, you were the first one to do so though, when claiming that the author was commanding women how to act.

Just going off the literal presentation, not injecting intent, like you. You don't get to repeatededly defebd something, attack people who disagree, and go out of your way to sude sith the message and suthor, and then say "it doesn't represent ny views". That's not devil's advocacy, it's backpedaling.

I do not have personal hangups towards liberal women. Virtually every woman I know is one - again, I am from Massachusetts - and I have great respect for vast majority of them.

"I have lots of X friends, so I can't be "X" still doesn't work and actually indicates guilt more than proof. You should be able to lean on your own presentation, not your unverifiable and irrelevant connections.

What I DO dislike is judging someone for a personal choice that does not affect others.

So, yourself.

So did I. I hate them with passion, and men who do this just as much. I am glad we at least agree on something.

You don't seem to loathe them so much as disagree on a few fundamebtals; social conservatism advocates domestication of women. So you're much closet in soectrum.

Makes complete sense. In fact, you might note that I hold the exact same outlook, it's just that I am not interpreting the list you referred to as "telling everony how it should be" or "attacking them for it". UNLIKE YOUR WORDS, which did seem to be judgemental to people about personal choices - which is something that we both really dislike in classical socially conservative behavior.

And in your own wirds, by the same token, I dislike your judgemental, awful attitude towards modern working women who want help with chores and reciprocated love. You keep painting me one way, I'll use the same logic with you.

And your statements RELIED on the postulate that the statements in imperative mood in the list you referred to ARE commands. Which they are not.

They are, to the women who disagreed.

That's ridiculous.

Describes everything you've written and assumed.

Second, I am not really sure what you mean by "relationship's goal" - I would have thought that people had goals, not relationships - but that's neither here nor there. I am assuming you really meant "goals of the members of the relationships."

Oh, do you didn't read the image or list. This keeps making sense.

Again, see the problem with echo chambers above. Suggesting that women "overwhelmingly disagree" just because that's what you see in a specific subreddit (which, to start with, is already not a simple random sample of women), is not necessarily wrong - i.e., your hypothesis may be right, and indeed, women in general may, overwhelmingly, agree with your interpretation... but you can in no way use the content of a reddit thread as a means to prove that.

Said the man relying on a sample duze if obe from an incredibly skewed perspective.

You are correct though - MY INTERPRETATION of the photograph is not necessarily the correct one, and the evidence we do have - this thread - does actually suggest that my interpretation is in a minority. This is in no way proof, of course.

Sure; climate change deniers use the same logic, so I guess.

"Mansplain"? I disagree with you, yes, but have I for a split second argued that being a dude somehow gives me an authority here?

Thst's not the only drfinition.of mansplaining.

Did I not react to every single thing you said (unlike you, who flat out ignored parts of it, especially the ones that unambiguously pointed to flaws in your logic)

I responded to the parts that weren't rambling, irrelevant tirades. You actually have ignored multiple things I've saud, so by your same logic, you couldn't debunk them.

Just because someone happens to be a dude and disagrees with you, doesn't mean that they are "mansplaining" something to you, any more than being a woman makes on a feminist.

Just because you're a guy diesn't make your petspective more enlightened for "being against the grain".

Again - you seem to think that just because I disagree with your interpretation of the image and its list, that I am completely ignorant of the subject. This is not the case, and the hypothesis you made - that I was - IS, in fact, unreasonable. (It's a No True Scotsman fallacy.

Your butchering of fallacies is further demonstration if ignorance; education would really help you here.

And what the hell was a DEMAND in what I said, or the list? I supported the notion that the list should exist and be avaialble to women who are looking for support from it.

You mean read it as a "relationship goal for everyone", since the list is general directed? That is a demand.

Like I said above, this in no way means that I actually agree with the advice. So I ask again - WHAT WAS THE DEMAND I MADE? Can't come up with one, can you? Because I did list several instructions you gave me - so yeah, it does sound like you are the one making demands. Based on hypotheses that are experimentally proven false - such as the notion that I actually agree with the list.

This Dilbert-speak and pseudo-intectuallism is adorable but unimpressive. This is not a hypothesis or experiment; it is stereotypical you would bring your engineerig into this in a vain attempt to assert reason, but instead prove how socially disconnected you are and bad at actual Scientific and logical terms.

This is also what draws you to fetishizing domesticating women; you want a maid to screw, and you can have that, but you shouldn't be upset that most women want more. I mean, you can, it's not like engineering doesn't have a reputation of hostility to and being insular against women entering the field. So I guess it's like playing for the home team.

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