Ummmm remember the “drummer” from Bowling For Soup? Well he just abducted a kid in Denver…

Your logic is equivalent to a child's logic, that there is only right or wrong, white or black. Like blame is absolute and there are moral codes that are not to be broken. Like victim blaming is the scum of the earth.

It's ridiculous that you even need to have this argument. Yes the blame is 100% on the perpetrator. Now what happens when an adult owns a gun, doesn't lock it securely, and two kids find it and one shoots the other. Is it the kid's fault? Is it the adult's fault?

It's entirely possible for one person to be the reason for it to happen, and another who could have prevented it to be happen, and it's entirely two different things. It's never my fault if I get robbed, but am I going to wave around a wad of cash late at night in the city?

Seriously I hope you don't go around like this in real life arguing over semantics lol.

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