Un capitaine la saison prochaine? Rien de trop sûr

here is an english translation for those that don't speak french

When Brian Gionta decided to agree with the Sabres on 1 July 2014 and at the same time Josh Gorges was traded to Buffalo, many experts have raised questions about the leadership within the Canadian. Today we know that this is not a single player that influences the rest of the group. They are more to lead by example.

The season ending will have demonstrated that Max Pacioretty took over braid and could one day be captain of this team.

In an interview with Marc Bergevin last week in Florida, the Canadiens general manager made it clear that he still did not know if he would appoint a captain before the start of next season. "When we made the decision to have four assistants, I knew it was going to be a change in custody and that leadership must come from everyone and not a few players. I repeat myself, but it already has a big C on the sweater of each player. As far as I know, things have gone well this season without having a dedicated captain and we know why we win games. "


If Marc Bergevin still do not know if he will appoint a captain next season, is that he has the luxury of having several players who lead by example. My next question was to ask if his real master was not just his guardian and he could not put a letter on his jersey, as required by league rules. "Carey is a leader by example, even if it has no C on his jersey. It is a leader in internal and youth know. But the question I ask myself, too, is really what is the C? Go talk to the referee when there a penalty? I respect the fact that having a captain's part of the tradition, but I'm not sure that's necessary. A player does not need to be a captain to get up in the locker room. "


The Canadiens general manager consults the rankings and did not return to see how the flexibility is really small. The Canadian has 99 points and is assured of the playoffs. There are still nearly ten good teams in the two associations that could miss the playoffs, which shows the level of parity in the league. "Hats off to all the teams that make the playoffs. There are 16 who will be fighting against each other and it is impossible to make predictions. It's not like in the days when teams that finished seventh or eighth in the division had no chance of winning. "

Marc Bergevin gives the example of Kings who have won two of the last three Stanley Cups while having made the playoffs almost at the last minute. "Imagine what they would say to Montreal if we also came to the last week in the series? It looks like there should be Michel (Therrien) outside or exchange (Carey) Price. But when things go wrong, it looks like it's just our team in the entire league that is experiencing failures. But Nashville has lost seven straight games, but nobody talks about it in Montreal. This is my reality. One thing is certain, I will not turn the team upside if we lose in the first round. The league is very competitive and it's tough to win. The games are so tight. "


PK Subban is experiencing a great second half of the season and his bosses are very satisfied with her game. It was not necessarily the case in the early season. Not because he does not amassing points, but more because of certain decisions. He was often penalized, which hurt the team. His game has really changed the day the NHL has not invited to the All-Star game. Coincidence? "It's a good point, but only PK can answer this question, argues Marc Bergevin. PK plays with pride now and start of the season was not as good as it wished. This is a proud athlete and perhaps that there is a link, but I also noticed that most played three or four games before the decision of the league. "Decision which fell on 10 January. FINALLY LOGIC

It's been almost ten years since the league's competition committee meets at the end of June. This committee consists of members of the NHLPA and NHL leaders to recommend new rules that will be applied the next season. But the process for adopting the rules was heavy because the annual meeting of the members of the NHLPA was in July and ultimately it is they who have the final say. The players, however, decided to move their annual meeting to be held in June to accelerate the adoption of new regulations, to the delight of Gary Bettman and his group, who were beginning to get impatient. A BIG BLACK CLOUD

The weak dollar is such now (78 US cents) that players will have to put 16 percent of their wages in trust (escrow) for their last three pay periods of the season. Players are forced to put aside money because if the NHL does not reach its financial goals, it digs into the pockets of players to ensure that revenues are shared equally or 50/50. 16% of the salary and disappears is obviously not well received by the players, who did not complain publicly, but that will ensure that the salary cap will be as low as possible next season to avoid losing much money.

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