UN Committee Affirms Abortion as a Human Right

Someone who would deny half the population's medical rights because they think some chick on the internet is a bitch probably didn't have a whole lot of respect for women to begin with. Probably like the most dangerous of all anti-medical freedom types- the indifferent one. The ones that say, shh, don't rock the boat. That say I don't really care about abortion so whatever when I vote, who cares? Hey, shush, it will probably be okay, I mean, come on! Paul Ryan is just saying that. Are you a one-issue voter? Oh your convenience is more important than the economy?

If someone's God tells them abortion is wrong, at least then it is understandable why they can't change their mind, it's who they are. There will always be zealots, and that's understandable. When we get into "it's okay to kill rape babies tho, cuz I said so, wasnmt her fault, so kill that baby. Those other sluts are just trying to avoid responsibility, so don't kill their babies. They don't deserve it.", it's pretty hard to understand your "I love women!" And "It's murder" stances. But at least you've given it some thought, while I find your stance terrifying due to its ramifications.

How are we gonna know it's a rape baby? She's gotta get a rape kit and file charges on the chance of getting pregnant? What if it's inconclusive? Do we wait for a trial? Do we make a list of what's acceptable "proof" of rape? Tearing in the vagina? Bruises? Who does the check? If it's appealed by some zealot who doen't believe her, do we have to wait for an investigation? A conviction? She can't wait until she knows she's pregnant because all evidence of rape would be gone by then. And...the baby is growing into a viable fetus more and more every day.

So.....how do we figure that out? Oh, but no one talks about that. It's just, okay, I'm not a monster, you can kill your rape babies.
So I can't wrap my head around that one.

Mostly though, it's the indifferent. And worse, the indifferent who say, shhhhhhh, you'll upset people and they won't like you, so like the last 43 years, (not even counting all the history up to Roe) sit their like a good nice little girl and nevermind the continues use of your health as a political pawn to gridlock our system, and never you mind all the continued attacks on your medical freedom.

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