UN officially banned the content of minors in anime

I'd say the same thing about any simulated video with an illegal counterpart. If someone had an animated video of brutal torture on its own, with no artistic value, I would call it obscene. If they downloaded it and/or possessed it rather than watch it on the internet, I would fully support indicting them for obscenity.

Sure, watching animated videos of torture and pain doesn't mean you would do those things in real life. But it's obscene and falls under the public morality powers of any government.

Imagine the most brutal parts of a video game or movie (EXTREMELY DISTURBING CLIPS). These things have artistic value because they drive home the point of how awful the situation is. The viewer is meant to feel awful and not enjoy the scene.

But if a video contains only those scenes solely for that purpose, then it's obscene and I don't have a problem if a jury of peers convicts someone for it.

CP can be just as disturbing to viewers, so animated versions can also be obscene.

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