UN says Israel, not Iran, North Korea or Syria worst violator of human rights

Uh, soldiers would come back and give these horrific accounts of how the Syrians would fire into entire houses regardless of weather or not there were militants in them. Iranians taught them to stop this asshattery and instead send in men to physically flush out the militants instead of massacering an entire family holed up in their house. The IRGC installed high precision missiles on Syrian helicopters, now how often do you here assad's goons using them compared to barrel bombs which kill scores of people? Assad will be despised of when this conflict is over and the entirety of Syria isn't under daeshi threat. Assad has lost our patience and he will leave the same way Maliki left. Did you know Ahmadinejad was about to drop all support for Assad when he began the crackdowns? Iranian leaders came out and publicly condemned Assad and behind the scenes a lot of support was being pulled. When the armed insurgency began the leadership saw the writing on the wall and saw another wahabi stronghold in the making like Yemen and Afghanistan. For that to happen in the place of the only country that helped Iran during the war was unacceptable. The rate of civilian deaths has dramatically declined since 2 years ago. Iran is the only thing reigning in revenge bent Shia militias in Iraq. And even then some militias still do despicable things.

North Korea is 10 fold worse than Israel, half their population are in death camps where they are tourtured and deprived of food on a daily baisis. Would you rather die, or live every waking moment of your existance at the hands of prison guards who torture you daily?

Hell, even China is fed up with their idiocity. Let me spell this out for you. No modern day regime (save Assad's) has been as brutal as the North Korean regime. Not even that pig Gaddafi.

As an Iranian you should know full well that I harbor more hatred for israel than most people here. Those rats have sanctioned my country into the ground, and now that we're finally breaking these shackles Netenyahu is throwing a child's fit. For me to say North Korea is indeed the most brutal regime in the world means something.

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