Unable to get rid of puppy tapeworms

Pretty sure he hasnt reinfected as he now lives with me in the city with my other dog (whos dewormed, vaccinated and on comfortis plus)

When he was rescues vet put him on half drontal(he was 5kgs) and subsequent 1tab per month after. Also has had his first 2 vaccine shots and spot on per month for mange, some anti itching tablet and antibiotics. When rescued he was approx 3months old, 5kgs and close to death. Now he has no mage, nice-ish fur, healthy and happy puppy around 8-10kgs.

He has been pooping live tapeworms around 1ft long since rescued till today. I have had to pull the worm out from his rear end multiple times and have had it bagged and identified with the vet. Not the typical segments in poop.

I also live in a country that isnt common to ticks and fleas. Lyme disease is almost unheard of and dengue is pretty much a daily issues for people.

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