Unaffordable in America starter pack

People act like the US is a drive through when it comes to comparing health care wait times with Canada. Of course you're going to wait long periods of time for specialized surgery. Of course you're going to have to see a family physician, then a specialist, then go for pre OP bullshit all rounding out to months of wait for that one pinched nerve. Dont get me started on ER wait times. They're fucking horrendous. Totally anecdotal but I have an infant who had a 103 F temp throwing up and we were told after 3 hours of waiting in the ER that it'll be a few more hours before were seen. I said fuck that shit my kid is native American, I drove almost an hour over the state line to a tribal ran hospital which is "free and government ran" and got in within minutes. Never paid a dime but got faster and better treatment. I have taken my family to tribal hospitals and clinics for years and myself to private. There is a very clear difference, private is horrible.

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