‘Unapologetically’ Christian pizza parlor went viral — then its owner got busted for trying to have sex with underage staff

Yeah ok...slimeball.

However, other than the obvious hypocrisy. Which I will address in a moment. Why does this guy's religion have anything to do with his crime? He is a person who propositioned an underage employee. So maybe we should be making this about restaurant owners?

Anyone who is alive should be considered a hypocrite if they have sexual activity with an underage person. Very few people are going around publicly condoning that. Most will condemn it if asked. There is the hypocrisy. People who say that it's abhorrent and then do it anyway...regardless of their religious affiliation.

Not defending the guy or Christianity. But there is plenty of material and plentiful meaningful reasons to think religion is stupid. Why must we keep beating this dead horse.

Answering my own question: because it's not about the hypocrisy. It's about the things that believing irrational stuff let's you think is okay.

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