Unarmed man in Texas? Easy frag.

Yeah the other context to it all makes everything so much more grey.

Guy running instigated the shit... but the crowd was also chasing him. And he tried to pepper spray them first before drawing his weapon. But he wasn't carrying the weapon legally. And he was clearly agitating the situation.

It's fucking... INTERESTING. Because there's so much conflicting data in this one event that both 'sides' of the argument can stand up and have extremely valid points.

He shouldn't have instigated shit. But he also clearly tried less-lethal options like pepper spray while running away and opened fire when he was being wrestled to the ground and immediately stopped firing when the threat was gone...

With an illegally-carried weapon.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I wanna see pro-self-defense and anti-gun people arguing over this but it's reddit and people are just yelling at each other.

I mean, is that legal self defense sans the illegally-carried weapon? Obviously I aint advocating for the guy, but from a purely legal standpoint... is that legal? Can you make an argument he was trying to cause undue grievous bodily harm while running away and using pepper spray first... but he did instigate the entire thing according to reports and just fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

As an Australian who aint got a dog in the race this incident is fascinating.

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