Under pressure from Russian government Google, Apple remove opposition leader's Navalny app from stores as Russian elections begin

I think we can both agree imprisonment is awful and that corruption is awful. I'll even go further and say, it's so much more visceral thinking and feeling about unjust imprisonment of someone who could potentially make improvements for their entire country.

I'd still like to say to though.. If someone said your vote was worth 90% of what it was previously, how would you feel? It's hard to fully understand the impact of losing 10% of your voting power. Is it as bad as imprisonment? I don't think so, at least not at first thought to me. Is the impact on an entire country when it's done in tons of states as bad as imprisonment of an opposition leader? I'm know I'm a dummy, but I want to say it's impossible to fully calculate how much it has hurt our democracy. All the different potential leaders we could have had, who could have been serving our country for years and making it a better place but were stopped short by redistricting.. Then I think about all the different people whose lives would be way different had those potential leaders been voted into office. I think it's impossible to calculate.

The same could be said for imprisoning opposition leaders though and their influence. At least with the redistricting, there's at least a chance of election. So yeah, I agree, a few levels up, but both are bad for any country trying to be a democracy and empower their citizens.

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