Under Trumpcare plan, rape would be considered a pre-existing condition

The Hispanic republican vote shouldn't shock anyone.

This country has a shit ton of GOP supporting Cubans. A ton of Cubans hate democrats because JFK mismanaged the whole Cuban revolution. Because of the Cuban revolution and the mismanagement of it, tons of Cubans had to flea Cuba.

A lot of the people who fled Cuba gave up cushy homes, well paying jobs and very comfortable lives and had to come here with nothing. That said, they still got instant citizenship so they don't value the work most immigrants have to go through to get here. Other immigrant have to have excellent reasons to be here, suffer through visa lotteries and wait years, whereas Cubans showed up and were accepted.

Never mind the fact that Cuba was led by a puppet regime that was pretty shitty to Cubans. The Cubans that escaped tend to ignore that they whored out their own neighbors so they could have a slightly better life and didn't give a shit about how Batista treated natives.

So they get here, hate democrats, the idea of a powerful government because a powerful government kicked them out of their homes (even if it was a revolutionary government) and they are also religious aka they are perfect for republicans.

Combine that with a democrats that didn't push for the Latino vote and a well organized Republican Party with nothing better to do in their old age than vote and the numbers make sense.

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