Undercover PD in my town attempt to solicit drugs off Facebook, guy meets up, sells him flowers and calls him out instead. Still gets arrested

Exactly. All these other replies acting like waaah cops are cowards and babies! First off, they don't know if the guy is bullshitting them or not. We have hindsight bias watching a video after the fact, knowing he wasn't an actual drug dealer.

And it's as you said, if he WAS an actual dealer, chances are he might have had a weapon on him. I'd rather be careful than dead just because some losers on the internet cry "fAcIsM" because cops are being defensive with what they PRESUME to be a drug dealer. You know, upstanding members of society. Reddit.com will tell you that.

"FIRST OFF, FUCKING PROVE THAT" wont someone pleaseeee think of the junkies/dealers feelings :(

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