Undercover PD in my town attempt to solicit drugs off Facebook, guy meets up, sells him flowers and calls him out instead. Still gets arrested

honestly it's a scary experience, but we don't know what happened next.

I've been stopped once by the police after running with my friends who were smoking weed in a park at night(we are Brazilian, and were 16~ at the time), the officers circled the park and met us in front of my building with Glocks in hands pointing at us and as soon as they realized what was happening both of them went into casual mode and just told us to not run next time and just let them talk to us.

the second time it happened was a similar case, we were playing basketball and 2 cops entered the court and just told us to stand by the wall with hands up. one of them checked my friend's bag, found a small bit of weed and a bong but got it back and they just left while making jokes about the situation.

Mind that I'm fucking Brazilian, I honestly hope that American cops are better prepared and while overreacting at a first moment, escalating down the situation asap.

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