Understanding promotion pay increase logic

In your case, you're looking at a situation where you max out at $94,623 and comparing it to a job which maxes out at $113,503. This is, in effect, a 17% raise. Interpreting it as a non-raise because you "only" get a marginal immediate improvement is missing the forest for the trees.

Wait, you're saying that "yes, its a marginal immediate raise for OP. But look at the long run, you'll make a good increase after many years of work."

If his immediate raise is "marginal" but his new responsibilities are substantial, shouldn't he be compensated accordingly?

Imagine you run a business. You make your employee a manager with a lot of new responsibilities. How will he react when you tell him, "Good news Frankie! Your increase is marginal, but be patient and it will eventually be pretty good".

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