Undervolting R5 2600 CPU thereby reducing power consumption by 100 watts.

He went from 1.284V manual OC to less than 1.00V undervolt and underclocked to 3.2GHz

It is a drastic voltage reduction, but I still have a hard time believing 100W difference though. Something doesn't add up.

1.29V~ on my Ryzen 2600 was only pulling about 117W in linpack xtreme supposedly, software reading from HWINFO64 SMU Package Sensor: https://i.imgur.com/o60uZk0.png

Software ain't accurate, but pretty sure it wasn't over 130W though because my crappy PSU only has a single 4-pin EPS connector that can only provide 130W max to CPU

Let's say 130W max then, linpack xtreme 1.3V~

Reducing 1.3v to 1.0V is 23% reduction in voltages. I don't see a 100W reduction there, but I'm not good at math or amperages/voltage/wattages or anything, so maybe somebody else can take a gander.

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