Undevalued skills need some love.

  • no idea what you're on about. fires, lavas, cosmics, astrals, natures, laws, and deaths are all commonly crafted. that's like half the runes that are craftable. runecrafting has a lot of diversity compared to other skills. also, you can't craft bloods.

  • I guess this would be ideal but it isn't practical. without the abyss, runecrafting would probably be twice as longer than it currently is. mind you, runecrafting is already the slowest skill on the game. pretty sure this is why they added the abyss. runecrafting is just too slow without it.

  • no. rebalancing it that way would be tricky and will probably lead to devaluement of rc. reminds me of what they did in rs2 where you progressively got x2 nats. it was awful. frankly, they should never touch runecrafting. it's fine as it is.

  • this is exactly what mlm is. an alternative, less intensive way to train mining. this would completely devalue mining to the point it's a piss easy skill. no thanks. mining is fine.

  • defence is plenty useful. maybe not in the pvp sense but it's definitely a must for pvm.

  • definitely no. making a non-afk skill afk wouldn't make it useful. it'll still be dead content. same thing as mining, this would completely devalue firemaking to the point it's a piss easy skill.

  • that'd be cool. always wanted non-combat skills incorporated into combat.

  • thieving did get rogue chest and that's like 700k/h. although I wouldn't mind more chests or buffing other chests/stalls. good way to bring resources into the game.

  • not really sure what you're suggesting tbh. anyways, shortcuts that require construction has been suggested a few times before. we'll probably get something like that if they do release a con update.

  • how about not releasing something that powerful? defence/hp shouldn't be rebalanced because of a weapon.

  • woodcutting has plenty of incentives. it's one of the most common 99s. sounds like you want wyverns to be toned down.

  • yeah I agree. pretty stupid that a rune plate requires 99 smithing and is basically alch price.

  • wouldn't mind new higher level prayers as long as they are balanced unlike curses.

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