Unemployment Stickythread - June 22

why your account said the benefits had been exhausted, did it still have a remaining balance amount?

my friend is next to me right now and I'm helping her figure this out. as of this morning, she had received 12 weeks of benefits.(12 direct deposits into her checking account, total 2400, excluding the $600 from CARES)

However, the claim status does not show that it's been exhausted yet. on the tab showing payment history, it shows all 12 payments.

On the top, it shows this(which equates to only 10 weeks)

Maximum benefit amount: 2400

Weekly benefit amount: 200

Total Amount paid: 2000

That doesn't match the 12 payments already shown as paid out.

But all those numbers are on the same page("Claimant Homepage"). Since it doesn't show the claim status as exhausted, there's no PEUC link yet, even if she had already collected 12 weeks of benefits.

Any ideas on why this is happening? Trying to do an online chat with NC DES right now, but it shows that we're #279 in the queue. :)

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