Unemployment Website Is (kinda) Up as of 4/18/20 at 10pm: Here's the Process for Those Applying Due to Coronavirus Reasons (a PUA claim)

Hey /u/PennyPedro

I just completed my PUA claim. I’m self employed.

First I had to complete a PEUC claim and I had no choice but to list incorrect information several times. The worst one was when it asked for my employer and I had to manually input it like this:


I had to list similarly borderline fraudulent information like that just to finish the claim, like when it asked me if why I’m not working I had to choose “laid off” even though I can’t really be laid off since I’m self employed.

My recommendation would be to revise the PEUC claim questions while pretending you’re a self employed person. Hopefully you guys will see what I mean.

After that completed, I was able to do the PUA claim which was way better and I was able to accurately list my self employment status.

However, in filling out the weekly UI claim, it asks me if I’m still working and how much money I’m making. I’m technically still able to work, but the company that pays me is shut down and all of my collaborators are gone for various reasons. So I’m working on various projects for lack of anything better to do but not making any money and I don’t know when I’d be able to submit any of my work.

In addition to that I had to list that I’m physically able to work even though I have the virus. Mild symptoms but I’m still recovering and just trying to get a lot of rest while hoping my symptoms stay mild.

Besides that I think I did everything right? Nervous that I might have accidentally listed fraudulent info in the PEUC claim but I’m hoping you guys contact me if anything looks wrong.

Thanks for all the help!

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