Unfortunately, the Electric Scooters Are Fantastic

That's how I spot German bicyclists here: helmet, full-body lycra, and bicycle right in the middle of the lane. ;-) Although I realise most are doing long-distance touring, which is a specific kind of bicyclist anyway.

I think cycling on the pavement is technically illegal here too, but not enforced unless you're doing it in a busy shopping district or doing being reckless. It's most common along major roads, when automobile traffic is above 30 mph (50 km/hr) but there's only sparse pedestrian traffic, where many people feel safer staying out of the road.

My town even officially legalised it through the method of half-assed lane painting. Something like this, and now some of the pavement is a bicycle lane so it's legal to ride there. In practice these lanes are painted pretty poorly so neither pedestrians nor bicycles respect the actual lines and it ends up a mixed pedestrian/bicycle (and sometimes scooter) zone.

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