Unidentified items & Lootfilter

Harvest changes and the reasoning behind them very nearly the hope that PoE would get better for me, was quite a shock considering up til that point i only disliked the half-assed AoE changes. PoE is designed to keep 'getting better' as a big part of their business model and when it didn't, for me and a lot of others...well, it sucked.

If you really had 1000x less faith than i do you wouldn't be here typing, if 3.15 isnt an appeasement league im probably gone til PoE2, if there is another launch like Ultimatum in the future GGG isn't getting any more $$ from me, if 'loot 2.0' or the PoE2 crafting system sucks thats honestly the last straw as its the remaining bastion for hope i have left in the game.

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