The United States will normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba, open embassy in Havana

Ok here goes. I don't care if you call me a conspiracy nut. But things just don't fucking add up.

Why the Interview? It's a fucking Seth Rogen stoner movie. Why capitalize on this in particular? Was it just convenient?

Why would NK deny this? What could be possibly the reason?

They're glad to threaten the US and SK with fucking *nuclear threats". Why the fuck would they pussy out on this. They're scared it might threaten their power? The hell? It's a fucking movie. There's more of shit like this and this is the one they can't handle?

Are they really scared? Who could this movie possibly affect in NK? The starving masses who probably haven't seen a movie their whole life?

Who stands to gain from this?

Kim? The fuck does he want? Literally everyone on earth hates and laughs at him and he fucking knows this. Does he want to stir shit up and start war. The second that happens Pyongyang would be steamrolled to oblivion.

Publicity stunt from Sony? Why the hell would they do something this big for a fucking $43 million dollar Seth Rogan movie? And insurance money? The fuck why would they risk tarnishing their reputation for that money. Everyone's having a field day on shitting on them right now.

You know what I think?

Hmmm. How about anyone wanting to pass a Cyber Security Bill.

Hmmm. How about forgetting about that CIA thing. Shit, I completely forgot what that was.

No? Just me? Ok then.

Also I found this interesting as well from a fellow redditor -->about the MPAA and corporations

Things just don't add up

Nothing's confirmed yet. And don't say the FBI confirmed this cuz they can't confirm for shit. Plus it's totaaaally impossible for them to lie.

All I see is fear-mongering bullshit and it's being stirred by everyone. Actors, politicians, media, even redditors. Look at this bullshit

where the hell is Ja George

crucial information from that guy from Goldberg's office

where the hell is Ja Seth

praise George RR Martin!!

mitt Romney to save the day

another one /r/clickbait /r/news

fuck yeah suck on that Kim!!

And this is just what I've seen on reddit. It's a fucking shuts how and circlejerk about how Kim Jong Un is sooo bad and ugly! A-and he's fat!! It's fucking everywhere on almost every major sub. Fcuking dank memes yo.

This whole thing is fucking retarded.

But what do I know? I'm just a random redditor. All I have are questions and all I want are reasonable answers and I hope people could help me here.

Again. Things don't add up

Something bigger is going on here.

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