The United States has zero business telling the Chinese not to eat dogs. We eat millions of cows each year, which the worlds 900 million Hindus see as sacred.

I'm seeing some stereotyping of Asians in general being cruel to animals. As an Asian myself, eating dog/cat meat is very rare, and usually only practiced by the poor or the elderly(this is only in China btw, no other country consumes dog/cat meat in acknowledgeable amounts). What I think matters the most is how these animals are slaughtered. If it's a painless death, I really don't care. But if it's extremely torturous to the animal, that's where I draw the line. I've heard of certain practices in the meat industry where the animal is purposefully allowed to struggle before it is killed. This causes a build-up of lactic acid in the animal, so the meat would be more tender. But I think that's morally wrong on so many levels. The common practice is to electrically shock the animal into a stunned state, so during the slaughter it doesn't feel pain. But in China, animal cruelty happens more than in other parts of the world? Why? Because China doesn't have animal cruelty laws. So while most people do not condone torturing these animals to death, there isn't much they can do about it on the legal side of things(then again, Chinese netizens are so scary that all you have to do is upload a clip of the cruel act happening, and you've just ended their career). TL;DR: Don't care about the animal, only care about the slaughter.

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