University of Utah student and member of the Utes tribe holds a picture of a BYU students bad sign choice from a school volleyball game

What was a surprise was finding out the Mormon church is a lie after I got here (BYU) haha. You’re allowed to come in as a Mormon or non Mormon but you’re not allowed to stop being Mormon once you’re here, that’s where my issues with their code of conduct come in.

I’m fine with following the honor code but being forced to attend Mormon religion classes and church, pray, and lie to everyone saying I promise to follow their prophet has really taken its toll on my well being. Mormons say “you knew what you were getting into” all the time when I share my experience and to some extent that’s true, but the problem is that there’s no way out and I’m simply not allowed to believe something other than Mormonism if I came in as a Mormon. If my bishop were to find out I’m (mentally) not Mormon (even if I follow the honor code) he would deny me my endorsement and I would be kicked out without my transcripts like the last 4 years I spent here never happened. Students have even been kicked out for talking about not believing in reddit. The rules aren’t a surprise, but the thought-police is, and it isn’t necessarily in the fine print.

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