University Of Virginia Med Student Receives 1-Year Suspension For Exhibiting "Antagonistic And Disrespectful" Behavior During "Microaggressions" Lecture - The Clover Chronicle

There is a part 4......

Well, looks like 3/4 of Americans oppose your political correctness. Looks like your ideology fails 'cuz it sucks ass'. Turns out that people do not like those who use 1984 as a manual.

I don't know where you're getting that 3/4 stat from but it doesn't really matter. Microagression as a concept is still valid whether or not anyone agrees with political correctness; they're two separate things that don't hinge on each other. Negating or opposing one does not mean the same to the other.

Talk about changing goal post. You're conflating gender neutral language and microagressions with political correctness. They're adjacent sure, but not exactly the same thing. I guess the left exists as some blurry aulgemation of ideas to you, so you're unable to distinguish concepts from each other.

Acknowledging that microagressions is a valid concept and that gender neutral language isn't harmful doesn't, and that this retarded med student is the cause of his own problems, doesn't mean I would support comedians not being able to tell "edgy" jokes for example.

But I now see what I am up against; to you I represent "the left", and you probably feel you represent "the West." You also probably see yourself as rational despite your clear lack of nuance, which is ironic.

A recent study showed that progressive activists dumb down their speech when talking to black people.

Well if a study says it, it must be true, hurr durr. But actually, it doesn't matter. I can just oppose racism soft or hard wherever it comes from and whoever it's toward. Did you think I would defend racism if progressives did out of some sense of tribalism you assume I must have because you yourself are tribalistic to a fault? Projection much?

Also, acknowledging the validity of m icroagressions, the harmlessness of gender neutral language, and that this retarded med student is the cause of his own problems does not make one a progressive.

points out racism on the right (such as nazis), I guess you have to defend these people now? Do you see how dumb your argument here is?

And that is precisely what you are trying to do with your 'microaggression' nonsense. Neither you nor the people whose livelihood depends on this invalid concept are able to actually defend it. All they have is trying to stigmatize ideas and try to destroy critics, which is what you have been doing here, and now you are admitting that you knew precisely what you were doing

Remember where you said: "How is this a big deal?" Looks like you meant: "Well, eh... you shouldn't oppose us ostracizing good ideas in favor of our shit regressive ones because... eh... just let us win, damnit. [insert ism]."

I mean, some people may use some concept of microagression to bully others or dismiss criticism. That has no bearing on the concept itself.

And I am criticizing the idea that microagressions as concept is invalid because I simply think it's dumb. It has nothing to do with any culture war thay you're probably projecting onto me.

Someone criticizing your sujb ideas isn't the same as then silencing you, anymore than you criticizing those ideas is you silencing them.

If you acknowledge backhanded compliments you acknowledge microagressions, after all

That's not true. Yours are neither good, nor convincing, which is why "YOU'RE A RACIST" and campaigns of personal destruction are all that you have. I honestly doubt that you are actually convinced of this nonsense, though I may be wrong - you're slightly above average in intelligence, and it has often been pointed out that smarter people are better at rationalizing terrible ideas.

....good ideas don't have to be correct? Do they at least have to be honest, logical, factual, supported by evidence, AND/OR productive towards one's goals and conducive to one's values? What do you think constitutes a good idea? think all ideas are equal? But this can't be true because you're arguing against ideas you disagree with right now at this very moment. So is it true in theory but not in practice for you?

And when did I call someone a racist? Who is this "you" that you speak of? I knew it, you're not actually arguing with me at this point. I'm just some stand in for the left to you. You're arguing with some caricature composed of strawmen and projection named u/DMinyaDMS in your own head. Come back to reality.

I'll put it to you this way; yes I genuinely believe microagressions backhanded compliments are a real sociological thing. I genuinely believe more people using gender neutral language more often isn't going to ruin society or be detrimental in any way. I genuinely believe this med student behaved unprofesssionally and is being kicked out of school for that reason not for his (admittedly, shitty reactionary) ideas. I genuinely believe- via what I think is adequate inductive reasoning on my part- that you are an anti-sjw reactionary who rails against some vague amalgamation of "the left" that you have and are projecting unto me out of some desire to win this argument, a misplaced sense of tribal/party/ideological loyalty, and a the resulting suspension of critical thinking, and contrarainism required so that you may "own the libs" in defense of yet another vague amalgamation of ideas that you likely call "the West" if not in actuality at least in your own head and amongst your ideological peers (real or imagined).

And yes, shit ideas should be ostracized in general, left or right. But that is already the case anyway, because even a free market shit products fail on their merit but can succeed via other strategies. Even good products can fail, for whatever reason

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