Unjerk Thread of April 26, 2019

Tales of Xillia complete! My review can be summarised with a firm, resouding "meh".

Combat was fine. Enjoyable, but not exactly challenging at any point. The story was fine. It had some neat moments, with an equal or greater amount of annoying tropes or dumb contrivances. The characters were inoffensive and only mildly annoying and the antagonists were the kind of nothing where you're like "...who is this voice actor? I know this voice." rather than actually listening.

Also, like, Alvin...how many times do you have to betray both the party and the enemy before neither side wants you? More than ten, apparently, because people just kept letting him come back! Don't worry though, he has a sick mom and a fridged girlfriend, that totally makes up for it, right?

(Also, if there are major relationships between party members and some of the bad guys, maybe...actually depict those relationships onscreen instead of telling us half the story later in supplemental material. Just saying.)

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