Unjerk Thread of January 06, 2020

Today someone I know said they’d be alright with glassing the Middle East with nukes if it killed enough terrorists. They then denied that clear cutting a region of millions of people with nukes could be considered terrorism.

There are actually people who want to see American and Iranian kids die at war with each other. I can’t imagine why. Have they fetishized it ever since the first time they played Call of Duty in 6th grade? Not speaking on whether video games make you violent, but they certainly seem to glorify military combat, specifically the US Armed Forces (often in the Middle East, too).

As a senior in high school, I see so many FPS fans who say they want to join the military with seemingly no other reasons than 1. It’s cool and 2. It helps pay for college. This countries busted man.

Not that I’d ever expect a draft, but having turned 18 in the same general timespan as this whole Iran debacle has given me a newfound respect for draft dodgers. If you send me back in time and draft me to Vietnam, you can be certain I’m dodging. I’d serve for WWII or any other conflict I deem reasonable, but no fucking way I’d stand around before getting shipped off to an unfamiliar desert to fear for my life.

I even pity many of the people who serve voluntarily. I know, I sound like I smell my own farts right now. But seriously, they’re just kids who’ve been manipulated by higher ups in society. Some of them genuinely believe this is a good cause to lay your life down for. Some of them had no other option than to serve. And then, if you’re even more unlucky, you may be sent to fight because some rich powerful assholes have beef with each other.

Didn’t really have anything in particular I wanted to comment, just wanted to dump my mind off before going to sleep. Good night y’all.

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