Unjerk Thread of June 09, 2019

You’re completely ignoring the point here: yes, she is harassed in this scene. That wasn’t the joke in fact I think the director really wanted us to pause after that, and really focus in on the male coworker’s (the assaulter) face, and digest his smug look - a look that completely embodies the horrors of workplace harrassment in the era that this was shot in.

The punch was a strong message to women to say “no, you don’t have to take this anymore. The second amendment declares you have the right to bear arms, and many states have self defense laws against these kinds of acts” I really felt that was what the director was going for: a pro 2A, concealed carry approach (in this case her weapon was her underlying physical strength; something a man wouldn’t assume her to have this is being a “concealed weapon”).

These kind of movies are important, much like keeping up confederate war hero statues or keeping extremely racist names for parks and streets, or even cosplaying as a Nazi soldier (Wehrmacht technically weren’t even Nazis they didn’t really know) so that we can remember and learn from the atrocities of the past. If we just erase this epic piece of civil rights cinematography from our eyes and minds, we might as well forget how far we came from.

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