Unjerk Thread of March 06, 2019

You should say it

No don't say it, people will look at you weird and the sub will say you talk too much about it.

Just do it , there are plenty of other things people continuously say on the sub and people don't seem to point it out.

Try and be nice, people don't like discussing sensitive topics.

Then where else are you going to say it ? It's not like you can discuss this anywhere but this thread.

Do you really need to say it? Come on. You don't have to

But they'll miss the message and not hear about it unless you tell them. Just do it. What's the worst that could happen? Everyone hating you.

Trust me you don't want to do this, they'll just ignore you.

Do it, it won't happen unless you do it.

No please don't, at least think about how others will think of you.

Don't listen to them do it.

Please no.

Fine I'll do it !


I hate you.

Don't worry I hate us too.


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