Unjerk Thread of March 16, 2020

Does anyone else feel there is a certain uneasiness around the work of Dr. Seuss? I noticed this when I visited universal Florida a while ago and that feeling was very prevalent in the Seuss themed area (only intensified by the static figures and out dated technologies. Much of Seuss's work is known for its childlike qualities but they emit an aura of melancholy and loneliness; not outright creepy but a certain underlying sadness. This is expressed through the simplistic stories of his books and their realistic moral and themes serving as their base. Seuss's recognizable art also portrays this loneliness through its vast landscapes, dark cross stiching, and impossible architecture betraying their inhuman designs. Perhaps this is due to Dr. Seuss himself, his own character and past being subtly reflected in his work,. Maybe this feeling flows from the popular trope of innocent things hiding a dark, monsterous secret. Or maybe it's just a bored quaritined guy scraping for things to overthink about.

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