Unjerk Thread of March 21, 2019

I mean, if you guys wanna see what I'm talking about with this subreddit delegitimizing peoples complaints, here's a great example.

Anyways, I will try to give a decent reply.

Being advertised as being on other platforms doesn't mean shit. Products change; that doesn't make past advertisements false

I never said it was false advertisement, just that I don't like it.

it's another thing to bait-and-switch the backers

The game was advertised to be sold through GOG and Steam to people who backed the game financially, only for them to change this stance later on once most of the game was finished. They are offering refunds, but that is still very frustrating, especially when they freely admit to the fact that backer money was enough to make the game.

Perhaps I used the wrong terminology. I apologize if this is case, but to me, lying to backers is still lying, even if you didn't set out to do it from the start.

And I will because I'm happy to see someone giving small studios some help instead of letting them get buried by trash


And I see one side as a purely emotional reaction looking for rational justification to the emotion


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