Unjerk Thread of March 21, 2019

Depends on what you didn't like about Skyrim, it and Witcher 3 are very different games despite fantasy settings.

Skyrim's charm comes from the music, art design, and general aesthetic; it all comes together in a really special way that digs deep. But its mechanics and story are generic and lacking, basically an afterthought to open exploration and world building.

Witcher 3 is definitely fun to explore, but not up there with Skyrim. Instead, its appeal comes from a long, winding storyline that gives you a decent amount of choice while still delivering a curated experience. Erratic pacing hampers it somewhat, but a huge number of NPC interactions and side quests make it seem like a living, breathing world.

So in the end, Skyrim's world comes to life via its ambiance, Witcher 3's world comes to life via the characters that populate it. So if you prefer the latter to the former, then yes, I'd give Witcher 3 a shot. Especially at that price. I know it's mentioned over and over, but it really is a good value.

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