Unleash the Hounds Was Redesigned, Buffed and Nerfed until it was Balanced.

This isn't like Pompous Thespian or Ice Rager that are better versions of basic cards. Sideshow has a unique effect. Giving it around, on a slightly stronger minion each time, is lazy design. Else they might as well release a stronger Ragnaros-summoning minion instead of Executus.

I mean, that's kind of a ridiculous statement as it is. I mean... it has a unique effect because it is the only one that has it right now. There are a lot of effects that are split across multiple minions (+1 spell damage, deal +1 to all other minions, etc.), so it absolutely isn't as if all effects have to be unique. I aspecially take issue with the statement that it would be lazy design. It can be, but it isn't simply by definition that another minion exists with that effect.

I honestly think Sideshow Spelleater's effect would be cool if given to a small minion, because then you can choose either one depending on things such as whether or not you want to keep your hero's actual hero power in the early game compared to stealing your opponent's immediately, or if you wanted beefier minions for a control style play.

Now, creating a new minion with spelleater's effect but giving it 6/6 rather than just buffing what we have would be poor design, but coming out with a minion that fits a different play style but has the same effect isn't.

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