Unlike Phil, Jason Dufner elects to hit NO bombs

I’m usually in the 112-116 range. However I actually have pretty good launch conditions and smash factor (forget my numbers from the last time I was on a monitor but the coach said they were near optimal). I’ve played with guys who are likely hitting 120mph but they either have too much spin or too low launch or just aren’t making consistently solid contact. I’ll drive it past them most of the day but occasionally they’ll blow it by me when they get it right. As a smaller guy (5’ 10” ish) I’ve realized solid contact is the biggest key to distance for me off the tee. I try to emulate guys like Rory or Xander who are so efficient with their motions (even at smaller stature) that they can consider their tee ball an advantage.

It makes sense that on the TV broadcasts they’ve begun to focus more on ball speed, which is a better indicator of ALL the critical things the player did in the swing.

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