Unlikely I know but last night some prick stole plants off my driveway and I wonder if anyone recognises the work vehicle he was using?

I'll keep an eye out for the car, not a massive amount of old style white corsa vans knocking about nowadays, as unlikely as it is to see them. I'm not one to judge people based on the vehicle they drive but having said that, every person I've ever met with a corsa or astra van have been massive dickheads so wouldn't be wildly surprised if it isn't taxed or insured either.

sorry I can't be more help! Small loss as you've said, but still I'd be gutted if someone came along and killed the plants I've put so much effort into.

Just wanted to say though, you aren't the first person I've heard of recently having their plants stolen, I even think there was a (albeit less seriously) post about it on here recently.

What's going on, why are people nicking plants?!

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