Unlimited Time Vault is undervalued

You think that in 3-6 years that Unlimited Time Vault is going to be anywhere near 1k for nm?

My main point is Unlimited in general is undervalued, I just stated that Time Vault is the main one that I keep think has potential for the highest gain.

You cant understand how Alpha being at an all time high and 5times higher than offers effect Unlimited copy?

Rising tide raises all boats, the few who have nm/m copies are holding them high. People cant/wont buy them, but the sellers that have these kind of 10-30k cards are trying to sell them anyways. There are too few left, Beta is being bought up and will be unavaible sooner than later as well.

And what is left for anyone that wants any part of Time Vault...only Unlimited.

Unlimited edition is going to be the only Time Vault fruit left hanging on the tree. And it will be eaten up faster than I think some might think. Iconic art isnt just noise, reserved list artifact isnt just noise, the only white border version of said card isnt just noise.

Time Vault in Unlimited is just too low considering everything is drying up, it will too.

All these reasons is why I already have bought one for myself. But it is for my collection. I just thought Id give my view of the card and put it out there because I see many people talk about U Time Vault in the comments of random different posts talking about it being undervalued. Yet I have not really seen a specific post about it and its potential.

You are trying to tear down what I am saying based on 'wacky high prices of alpha' but that exactly my point, but from a different angle.

At some point these cards get into peoples hand that are not going to sell and/or people who lord them over the market at insane prices. This WILL have a trickle down effect in the years to come with Unlimited Time Vault.

These wacky prices will stick to a degree, because that's all that will be left on the market. It will take a few RL spikes(as I stated in my original post) which seems to be every 3ish years or so depending, but a lot of collectors like me are looking at 10-15 years from now for endgame goals.

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