Unpopular opinion -

"Then, before sending them back, the countries (who are often still developing) that will receive non-white people should be improved to avoid death. Which probably won't happen. If immigrants vote for immigration it's to make it easier for other people in a difficult situation in their home country to escape hunger and death." Those countries can't develop themselves with millions of their population leaving them, they lose workforce required for it.

"As you can see, the ones in the higher positions are African, Asian, and, in a smaller percentage, Latinamerican (Guatemala and Haiti). I believe this problem would be exacerbated by sending more people to these countries. Even if COVID is not there anymore by then, there are still various diseases in developing countries caused by poverty, which often result in death (you can check various diseases in that website) and that's if we don't mention violence ( https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/cause-of-death/violence/by-country/ ), which also stems from poverty. We would be condemning the people to go there to a terrible death. Just because they're not white. Just because of that, we'd be letting them die." Why should we have to shoulder their burden? Again this revolves around the aid problem, we would be taking in thousands upon thousands of immigrants that would be living on welfare. They're completely alien to Europe in every way and we have no obligation to help just because they're in a bad situation. It isn't our fault if they die.

"Mixed people, while in the future create more white population, are not white. We are not seen as white by the world, and if we do not marry a white person, we won't be helping create more white population, because our children won't be white either." If immigration is stopped and minorities become less and less prevalent mixed people will have to marry full whites or other mixed peoples which will result in eventual homogenization.

"I wouldn't be surprised if families were separated, because that's already happening at ICE." That is a case of illegal immigrants having children with American citizens, this is not a race issue.

"I mentioned the United States earlier because the original commenter said your point but referring to America, so I thought you agreed." America should be White majority but immigrants of all races should be accepted regardless because unlike Europe America is a nation of immigrants, Europe has a history, native population and a European racial identity.

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