Unpopular Opinion: Is anyone else just not feeling Doom Eternal?

  1. They still do. You just can't shotgun your way through like O.G. DooM II or Doom 2016.

  2. Pacing could be better, I agree.

  3. Learn to move about the "arena" more like you would in Quake III. I know it's DooM but the arenas play more like Quake III arena IMO...hope you're familiar.

  4. I can honestly say, I've never even looked at the UI while fighting. The only time I look at the UI is when there's just lame zombies walking around to determine if I should chainsaw for more ammo.

  5. This point I'll concede. Less is more in a DooM game and would have been happy with a modern remake of DooM II that didn't include the grenades or chainsaw.

All that being said, as a DooM player of old, i would coof on my grandmother for a DooM I/DooM II remake with this engine without the added mechanics/verticality of level design.

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