Unpopular opinion but I loved how Veronica called out on Betty's bullshit in "The Hills Have Eyes"

So what if Betty hit first? By hitting back Veronica lowers herself to Betty's level and makes her just as bad.

And they are all hypocrites:

Alice is the reigning queen of hypocrisy.

Archie judges the southsiders for being "bad" and Jughead for joining them when he's running around pointing guns at people and lighting cars on fire. Now who's a criminal?

Veronica only admits wrong doing when it threatens her social status and even then she only admits her parents wrong doing not her own and when she finally does admit it? Betty takes it back! Betty may have been harsh but she was right, Veronica lied and manipulated her friends and in the end she got away with it.

Jughead blames everything on everybody else even though he causes a lot of his own problems and barely ever acknowledges it , ditto for the rest of the southside.

Kevin...oh Kevin is a bitch in sheep's clothing if I ever saw one. He constantly whines about his own problems but can't be bothered to notice any one else's. He gossips about everyone, even his own friends, he says really cruel things right to people's faces and gets away with it, he sat there and enjoyed it when Cheryl and Chuck verbally attacked his supposed best friends at Jughead's birthday party, he's completely disrespectful to Moose, and his calling out Betty? Completely understandable until:

a) You re-watch that conversation and realize that she had to ask him to explain meaning that he's never spoken to Betty about his feelings as a gay man before. Which makes it unfair of him to expect her to magically understand something he's never brought up before.

b) He's been using the kids in that gay conversation camp for sex. So much for respecting people!

c) He judges the southside serpents even though he was just sleeping with one, broke into the school(and got no repercussions) and took part in the riots(and again got no repercussions).

d) Claims Betty is allowed to explore her sexuality but ignores that everyone who finds out about the wig kink shames her for it including himself.

In short when they call out Betty they act as though they themselves have never done anything wrong when they have.

Betty may be a bitch who needs more repercussions for her actions but every other character on this show is just as bad and sees little to no consequences- even Archie getting arrested is more about him being framed for the one crime he didn't commit than any of the actual illegal stuff he did do. I am just so sick of this fandom, the show, and even the actors either acting like the characters aren't horrible people or only calling out the actions of one person when they are all selfish little shits.

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