Unpopular opinion: a certain CS 241 staff member is very unhelpful.

I remember CS241. I was doing one of the SPIM MPs, except my Bot would take 4 steps forward and start spinning in circles. I went to office hours for TA help. The TA on duty was one of the grad students. He stared at my code for 10 minutes, told me he had no idea what was wrong, and told me he had to move on to other people. He came back to me a half hour later to ask if I had solved the bug. My answer was of course not, why would I solve a bug even you can’t solve?

Eventually a certain guy I’m friendly with gave me his complete code so we could race our Bots. I ended up copy and pasting my detection algorithm into his code and it worked like a charm. Apparently there were some definition headers I was missing towards the bottom of the code, something you’d think a TA would notice but nope.

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